Workouts for the Whole Family

Workouts for the Whole FamilyWorking out is very important and detrimental to one’s mind, body and soul. It releases stress, anxiety and it improves your overall ability to master your daily tasks. Having your family join you with workouts should not feel like a hassle or a chore, so try out these suggested workouts that the whole family can enjoy!

Walk/jog/run: Take a family walk or run through one of Addison’s parks!  Going on a daily walk with the family is the perfect way to get one-on-one time and catch up on everyone’s day. Jogging and running can turn into a competition to see who finishes first. Remember to stretch before or after this workout.

Swimming: Swimming will always be a fun workout that the family will never get tired of. This exercise is great to get your heart rate up but it does not necessarily add more stress to your body. Swimming helps build muscle strength and endurance. Doing jumping jacks and high-knees help strengthen your muscles and your core.

Bike rides: Regularly riding a bike can help improve your lungs, heart, and circulation which reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Cycling can lower your resting pulse and it can also lower blood fat levels. This workout is easy on your knees, ankles, back and hips. 

Soccer: You can invite other families and friends to join your family and compete in a friendly game of soccer. Soccer allows you to run far distances and you learn how to maintain your stamina and you work on your agility. 

Skating: Skating can definitely be a great way to get your family to enjoy working out. Whether someone is a beginner or more advanced, skating can turn into a competition or it can be a relaxing outing for the family. For a great family-friendly place to skate, check out the Galleria Dallas Ice Skating Center.

Tag: Tag is the best family game to play and it brings out the inner kid in everyone. If you want to increase the competition, allow two or more players to be ‘it’ and try to escape and outrun all of the players!

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