Tips for Staying Focused During Work

Tips for Staying Focused During WorkWe all know the feeling of losing mental focus during long work days, whether from home or an office in Addison. Our minds wander, our eyes become heavy, and we begin to slump in our office chairs. Drinking another cup of coffee is starting to seem more stomach-churning than beneficial. There must be better ways to stay in control of our focus, so here are ten of them.

  1. Plan ahead: Make a to-do list for your day at the office and keep it in front of you! Opt for a daily planner or lined notepad to help you plan. Cross tasks off as you complete them to help you stay motivated.
  2. Set goals: Set three larger goals each morning for what you want to see at the end of each workday, which will help you remember the bigger picture as the day becomes long.
  3. Set deadlines: Create a work plan with deadlines to set your own mini goals. It may seem overwhelming if you have a large project on the horizon, but set small targets to get yourself through and hold yourself accountable.
  4. Stay organized: Keep a calendar and a daily planner in your office and ensure a home for all your office essentials. A messy desk or office can turn into a distracting work environment.
  5. Take breaks: Take short breaks every sixty to ninety minutes, and make sure to stand up! Maybe take a walk around your office or step outside to get some fresh air. It’s essential to get our blood flowing to keep focus throughout the day.
  6. Be cautious of screens: Electronics are so distracting! Set your phone to Do Not Disturb and exit out of any computer tabs that are unrelated to work.
  7. Block out the noise: If you find your work environment loud and distracting, it might be time to get noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. Try listening to calming instrumentals or a meditation soundtrack if you like to work with noise.
  8. Fuel up: Food is energy! Don’t go more than a few hours without eating to avoid drops in blood sugar and energy—pack balanced snacks and a protein-based lunch to increase your productivity. Also, keep a refillable water bottle at your desk to keep your body hydrated.
  9. Create a sleep schedule: Our bodies need at least eight hours of sleep each night to work at their highest potential. Make sure that you are going to sleep early enough to make this happen.
  10. Get active: Thirty minutes of daily physical activity reaps many benefits, including increasing brain function. Add some exercise to your day, even if it’s taking a walk around your block.

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