Networking Tips

Networking TipsIf you are finding yourself wanting to move up the ranks at work or wanting to transfer out to a new company it is very important to have the most appropriate networking skills. Networking is not only limited to finding and maintaining professional connections at the prospective company, however, it is best to have connections at your current job as well. 


  • Talk and get to know people: You would be surprised at other people’s background and their connections to other employers. Try not to befriend your coworkers just to benefit from it, but actually get to know others and ask them for networking tips, or pros and cons about a previous work experience. The more knowledge the better.
  • Read the room at a job fair: It is super important to understand the social setting at a job fair because sometimes the setting can be more casual than ‘super professional’. Making a fun and creative name tag that describes you can open the door for others to want to approach you a little bit easier, but remember to check out other participant’s name tag before doing so.
  • Have your business card handy: One key component in having a successful job fair experience is to be ready to hand out your business cards. If you have a hard time finding it you will look unprofessional and unorganized. Right off the bat you are not sending any great signals to potential employers or coworkers. Keep a designated spot somewhere in your outfit to hold all of your cards, and a different compartment for other’s business cards.
  • Attend different job fairs that do not necessarily correlate to your interests: This may seem contradictory, however, there are huge benefits when it comes to meeting people with different interests as you. Bouncing ideas off one another is the main benefit. You may not have thought of something, but someone lights a bulb for you either on purpose or accident vice versa. The biggest key and the most detrimental part of networking is knowing that you never know who someone else knows. This is successful networking at its finest!


Addison Treehouse is a co-working space that allows up and coming entrepreneurs to network with one another. By having this type of exposure to other entrepreneurs it maximizes the opportunity to learn new skills and tips when it comes to running your business affairs.  By having a membership with the Addison Treehouse you will have access to WiFi, free notary services and 24/7 office access just to name a few.


Location: 14681 Midway Road, Second Floor, Addison, TX 75001


Members and guests are always encouraged to attend Prestonwood Business Networking Group. There is a membership directory available to search if your business will align with other businesses in order to avoid any conflict. A few benefits to becoming a member includes broadening your business presence, being featured onto the Prestonwood Business Networking Group website and having the opportunity to display your business materials on tables during meetings with many more perks. Meeting times are every Tuesday from 11:30-1:00 p.m. The cost to attend is $25 for guests and members (which includes a buffet lunch and dessert). 


Location: Prestonwood Country Club 15909 Preston Rd Dallas, Tx 75248


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