Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe in the Summer

Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe in the SummerAmid summer, it’s time to focus on protecting ourselves and our pets from the increasing heat levels. You may be wondering how to keep your pets safe in these warmer months, so follow these few simple hacks to ensure that your furry friends are safe and happy.

Our pets need extra water in their diets when the temperatures are high, just like we do. It’s essential to keep a full and clean water bowl at all times, and if you have a puppy on your hands, keep track of their water intake since they don’t know how to manage this as well as their older counterparts. You can also add ice cubes into their water to make their water cooler and give them something to chew on, which can help to reduce bloating caused by drinking their water too quickly.

If you have a dog, an easy trick is to feed them frozen snacks, such as fruits and vegetables. Safe fruit options include apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon; for vegetables, you can opt for carrots, cucumbers, green beans, sweet potato, or zucchini, among many other options. Remove any pits or seeds before serving because these will upset your dog’s stomach. If they have been good, maybe opt for some dog ice cream!

The summer does not stop our pet’s love for the outdoors. If you’re taking your pet for a long walk, run, or to the dog park, set out during cooler hours of the day. On the hottest days, limit exercise. If the ground is too hot for you to step on, it’s too hot for your pets! You can purchase pet boots to keep your dogs extra comfortable on hot days. If your dog can’t get enough of the outdoors, allow them to swim! If you don’t have access to a pool, you can purchase a dog pool for your backyard.

It is vital to stay extra cautious during the summer months about your pet’s wellbeing. Ensure not to leave them in the car, even with a cracked window. When on the go, you may want to use an air conditioning extender to help bring air to wherever your pets sit in the car. This tool is helpful since vehicles are not designed for pets. When spending time outdoors, keep your pets away from pests. In summer, fleas and ticks are most active, and your dog may be allergic to other pest bites. Lastly, with summer typically comes parties and loud music; be sure to keep your pets away from these loud noises because their hearing is much stronger than ours.

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