Get Your Virtual Game On!

Get Your Virtual Game On!
Time for a fun night out with food, drinks and classic arcade games!

I remember growing up and hearing from different grown-ups that “video games will rot your brain.” But I remember reading an article about how different video games helped with problem-solving and critical thinking. I can honestly say that that’s what video games did for me. Of course, there was the entertainment part of it, the competition of playing Madden or FIFA against my friends. But I firmly believe that playing video games contributed greatly to the way I problem solve and look at life and of course, how I like to have fun!


Even Elon Musk would agree, “To make an embarrassing admission, I like video games. That’s what got me into software engineering when I was a kid. I wanted to make money so I could buy a better computer to play better video games – nothing like saving the world.”


Nowadays, video games are more about the entertainment value and helping to decompress after a long day. For those of us who grew up playing video games and are now working and have jobs, we’re falling in love with video games all over again. Being able to purchase some of the games that we would have to rent growing up or continuing to play different video game franchises like Madden, FIFA, 2k, and Call of Duty. To support my argument, I can point to the rise of different restaurants, bars, and venues that now have classic and new arcade games as part of their draw.


Get Your Virtual Game On!
Get your game on at these venues featuring new and classic arcade games!

Picture this, heading out to hang out with friends and grabbing drinks and playing video games and not worrying about how loud you are or that your parents are going to walk in and tell you to turn off the console? Greatness.


Such a place exists right in our own backyard. Bowlero is more than your average bowling alley. “Our deluxe arcade features state-of-the-art video games and tons of old-school classics. Play your favorites, discover new favorites, and enjoy popular titles like Jurassic Park Arcade, Mario Kart, World’s Largest Pac-Man, and many more. Load up your arcade card with credits, grab the controls, and have a blast!” Bowlero has different deals each day of the week including half-price games on Wednesdays!


Just a bit north on the Dallas North Tollway is Farm+Feed. This is one of the area’s best places to hang out, grab a bite, have a drink, and play video games. I love the way they explain their concept.


Verb: In games. to farm. to quickly and repeatedly defeat a challenge or challenger, growing resources, and abilities.

Noun: A place dedicated to growing and harvesting tasty resources.


Verb: In games. to feed. to be repeatedly defeated, helping the opponent.

Noun: Sustenance. A meal with loads of very good grub.

As far as their set up, they have ‘fun stations’, couches, and booths that guests can reserve with PS5s, XBOX Xs, Switches, and PCs. The cost is $5 per hour per person until 6 p.m. and after 10 p.m. it’s $10 per hour per person 6 p.m. 10 p.m. They also have $5 for unlimited board games in the bar area. Perfect for a guys’ or girls’ night out, or perhaps a little Madden tournament like the old days? Check out their website for the complete details and delicious menu.


Looking for a more family-friendly/kid-friendly environment? Nothing beats Nickelmania on Midway just across from Addison Airport. Over 125 classic and new arcade games where you can win tickets and at the end of the night turn them in for prizes! If you have kids, Nickelmania needs to be part of your entertainment rotation. They don’t mark up their prices. “For $1, you will get a cup of 20 nickels. Get a cup of 100 nickels for $5, or 200 nickels for $10. Since our games run on real nickels, no tokens, you can bring nickels from home as well.” It’s quite a bargain and the kids will love playing all the new games as you enjoy some of the classics!


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