Addison’s Aviation Businesses

You may know that Addison is home to the Addison Airport, but did you know that the Airport is surrounded by dozens of unique aviation-focused businesses? The businesses include pilot supply shops, aircraft maintenance, flight lessons, charter flights, and more. Read on to learn about just some of the aviation businesses surrounding the Airport.

Addison's Aviation BusinessesCavanaugh Flight Museum

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is a non-profit educational organization that promotes aviation studies and America’s aviation heritage. The museum restores, operates, maintains, and displays historically significant aircraft. Along with aircraft, Cavanaugh Flight Museum collects and displays materials related to the history of aviation.

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation is a fixed base operator (FBO) with over 100 locations across the US, one being within Addison’s airport. Their business aircraft offer charter flights along with a variety of services for business professionals including executive terminals, hotel arrangements, baggage service, and more.

Million Air

Million Air is a Dallas-based FBO with over 35 years of experience. Their luxury private jet service takes business professionals anywhere they want to go with white glove service.


Located in Addison Airport, Planesmart! Aviation offers pilots and non-pilots alike, unique and cost-effective ways to fly privately.  Through their Shared Ownership program, owners receive dedicated hours sharing the costs, maintenance and use of a high-performance private aircraft.  And with their Aircraft Management Program, they provide operational solutions and access to their growing fleet of jets and turboprops for Charter or Lease, where owners & customers enjoy the benefits of private air travel including freedom of scheduling, convenience, privacy, and comfort, unlike commercial airlines.

Rising Aviation High SchoolAddison's Aviation Businesses

This new and innovative high school offers a STEM-accredited education paired with aviation education to create what they call STEAM – science, technology, engineering, aviation, and mathematics. High school students have the opportunity to earn their private pilots license as well as a variety of other certifications geared toward their desired career path.

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