Office Essentials

Office EssentialsHaving the right office essentials can boost creativity, efficiency and overall performance. Whether you work from home or in one of Addison’s many offices, these are must-haves you should consider getting for your office.


  • Wireless phone charger: Having a wireless phone charger can give you less cords and it can allow you to have more room for other belongings. Wireless phone chargers can have universal compatibility and could be more durable for the lack of any USB cords bending repeatedly. 
  • Schedule planner: It is so vital to have a planner in order to stay on top of your deadlines and meetings. 
  • Foot rest: Purchasing a foot rest can definitely have physical benefits. For example, making sure that your feet are flat at a 90 degree angle can help improve your posture and keep your spine aligned correctly. If you do not have a foot rest for your desk you are at risk of having improper posture which can lead to backaches, headaches, and neck tension. 
  • Miniature desk fan: If you find that your office is typically hot and you are too worried about bringing in a huge fan consider buying a miniature desk fan. They are very lightweight and efficient to cool you off quickly.
  • Wite-Out: Although nowadays everything is pretty much virtual, it never hurts to have Wite-Out handy. There are new Wite-Out options, so you do not need to worry about spilling the liquid form everywhere anymore. There is Wite-Out correction tape that glides smoothly across the paper without leaving the strong stench.
  • Sticky notes: Sticky notes are the best form of reminders. The bright colors allow you to focus on the notes and they come in a variety of sizes. They can be placed on the desk, laptop or computer, door and wall. 
  • Lamp: Buying a lamp for your office will have its advantages. Once you have been at the office for hours at a time under the luminescent light, your eyes can be weary and they could want a change of light. Buying a lamp with a bulb that has a warmer tone can bring some relief.

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