DART Embraces Sustainability Practices

DART Embraces Sustainability PracticesPublic transit is eco-friendly by nature – taking cars off our congested roadways and
reducing harmful greenhouse and air pollutant gases that contribute to air quality
problems. DART takes every measure to ensure its activities in the community have
minimal impact on the environment as well.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint 

DART operates seven zero-emission, all-electric buses, as well as electric light rail trains
and the battery-electric Dallas Streetcar vehicles, which are zero-emission vehicles.

Promoting Clean Air with CNG Buses

DART’s bus fleet uses clean-burning, compressed natural gas, which promotes clean air
and reduces fuel costs.

Conserving Water

Keeping DART’s nearly 600 buses clean and ready to serve the public is a round-the-
clock operation. To conserve water, DART captures all of the water used in the wash as
it drains into the floor. Up to 75% of the water is reclaimed, processed by a filtration
system and later reused.

Enriching the Environment

DART has reduced landscaping costs and lowered its water consumption by using native and
adapted plants at rail stations and transit centers that are more drought-tolerant and will
require less pruning and replanting.

Using Solar Power

The lights in approximately 90% of DART’s passenger shelters are solar-powered and the
agency has 120 freestanding solar lights at bus stops throughout the system.

Recycling Materials

The agency recycles up to 22,000 gallons of antifreeze per year, and recycles all plastic
jugs, aluminum cans and tons of paper.

Encouraging DARTable Staycations

North Texans can do their part for the environment by driving less and riding DART instead.
With the kids out of school for the summer and parents looking for ways to entertain them,
now is a great time to explore DARTable activities throughout North Texas using public transit.

Now through Aug. 10, DART is offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on a Local Day Pass. Limited
quantities available. Just use the code DARTABLESTAYCATION at checkout on DART’s GoPass

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