Swimwear Trends for 2022

Swimwear Trends for 2022With summer right around the corner, you’ll probably be pulling out your swimsuits from the back of your closet soon. Once you do, look and see if the swimsuits are both a) still your style and b) in good condition. We’ve got you covered if you decide that it’s time for a wardrobe change. Whether you’re looking for a completely different swimsuit style or an update on your favorite type, here are the hottest swimwear trends of 2022. 


Fun and flirty, this neckline style is sure to make you feel fabulous anytime you wear it. You can go for a straight and solid neckline or one with ruched and ruffles – they both look great! Take this little beauty from Nordstrom Rack; the bright colors, tropical pattern, and flounced off-the-shoulder neckline combine into one super stylish piece that you will want to wear again and again.

Knitted Fabrics

It might seem a little strange when you first hear it, but knitted swimsuits are actually both pretty and practical. Unlike other swimsuits, a knitted piece offers a unique, textured feel to the touch and stands out. The look is soft and sweet, so you’re sure to feel comfortable while wearing it. An affordable option comes from Target with this light blue lace up bikini.

Sexy Cut-outs

If you want to show off your figure but aren’t comfortable in a low-cut top or a thong bikini, the sexy cut-out is the way to go. Take this cut-out piece from Altar’d State – it has a decent open back and a cut-out mid-drift. It’s a great way to show off some skin, while flattering your figure and making you feel confident. The sexy cut-out comes in all sorts of patterns and prints, so there are countless options to choose from. 

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