Summer Nail Trends

Summer Nail TrendsThere are plenty of trends out there to choose from for those looking for new things to do this summer with your nails. Keep reading to find some of the most popular nail trends out there right now! Unlike the subdued winter nail trends, summer ones are about standing out.

Cartoon Clouds

If you want to celebrate summer, this idea is the way. It is entirely adorable AND something you can easily do at home. Using light or sky-blue color, cover all of your nails with this as the background. Then, using a good art brush, paint some cute clouds on your nails with white nail polish. 

Summer Waves

Unique and colorful, this nail trend is super popular right now. All you need to complete the look is a small nail-art brush and five of your favorite nail polish colors, one for each finger. Paint a wavy line down the center of each nail and then fill in one half of the nail. Seal it with a top, translucent coat to keep this look long-term. 

Mismatched Colors

If you’re like me and have difficulty painting little details onto your nails, this is a great idea. Using two vivid colors, paint one hand of nails with one color, and the other hand with a different color. It’s a fun and easy style to paint on your nails and eye-catching.

Animal Prints

This nail idea is stylish and sophisticated, with a more subtle take on animal prints. Using a neutral color for the base, like light brown, taupe, or nude, it’s a great complement to different animal patterns. For example, you can create leopard spots by adding small clusters of black and brown dots on your nails. 

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