International Chicken Wing Day is July 1st!

International Chicken Wing Day is July 1st!
Celebrate International Chicken Wing Day in Addison!

It is almost a given that the official dish of any sports-watching party is chicken wings, right? I feel like that is something we can pretty much agree on. I could be way off base here, but I feel like just about any time we’ve been out to catch a game or hosted a game-watching party, the centerpiece dish has been wings. Having said that, it’s only fitting that this delicious dish should get its own national day.

Yes, you read that right. International Chicken Wing Day is celebrated every year on July 1. On this day we celebrate this delicious and multi-flavored dish. From spicy to sweet, sour, cheesy, salty, and pretty much any flavor in between, we are here to celebrate!

So where in Addison and the Corridor can you celebrate this delicious day?

How about Pluckers Wing Bar. Their menu features a wide variety of flavors. Chili Lime, Jamango Jerk (made with authentic jerk seasoning imported from Kingston), Lemon Pepper, Spicy Lemon Pepper, Buffalo, and Fire In The Hole (eat 25 of these and you get your name in the Wall of Flame), Teriyaki, and so many more!

International Chicken Wing Day is July 1st!
Chicken Wings and sports are meant to go together.

The Mucky Duck Bar in Addison Circle serves up delicious wings along with ice-cold drinks to wash them down or help you out with the spicy ones! Nashville Hot, Caribbean, Chipotle Honey, and Thai BBQ to name a few!

Lazy Dog is a great spot for you and your furry best friend to spend the afternoon together. Grab an order of their crispy wings and check out the menu for your pup. Who says you can’t bring your dog out to celebrate this day with you?

We can’t forget Buffalo Wild Wings on Belt Line just west of the Dallas North Tollway. With a wide selection of flavors, all the sports you can handle on TV, and a great patio area, you can’t go wrong here.

Here’s to a delicious July 1 celebrating International Chicken Wing Day!

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