Bike to Work Week Starts May 16th

Bike to Work Week Starts May 16thPedal your way to healthy living and safer transportation this Bike to Work Week! Bike to Work Week is observed every year during the week of the third Friday of May – this year running from May 16th to May 22nd. This week is put on by the League of American Bicyclists, in hope that the whole country can be like New York, the city with the highest number of people who bike to work.

Here are some benefits to biking to work, and why you should consider biking to work this week (and the following weeks!) if your office is accessible by bike.

  • Skip the gas, save the environment! Switching your commute to a bike rather than a car will not only help clear up the roads but reduce the amount of emissions in the air from traffic.
  • Get in some physical activity every single day. Making it to the gym can be tricky with a busy work schedule, but biking to work ensures you get your workout in before and after work every day.
  • Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Get your fix of vitamin D and fresh air every day, which can help improve mental and physical health.

Thanks to Addison’s Beltway Drive Trail project, biking to work will be more accessible than ever. This project includes plans to create buffered bike lanes between Marsh Lane and Midway Road, a Bike Boulevard between Midway Road and Belt Line Road, and a wide sidewalk with a buffer from the Redding Trail heading east to Belt Line Road. These additional sidewalks and bike buffers are in hopes of making Addison a more bike-friendly environment.

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