Eyelash Extensions (& Where to Get Them)

Eyelash Extensions (& Where to Get Them)Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes hand-glued on the top ends of your natural lashes. Each extension is glued on individually to the natural hairs, adding to their realism and believability. Provided eyelash extensions get regular maintenance and care, they can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. If this cosmetic treatment is just what you’re looking for, here are a few salons and beauty parlors in Addison that offer eyelash extension services. 

Amazing Lash Studio

With almost six years of experience serving customers in the Addison and North Dallas areas, Amazing Lash Studio provides excellent customer service and fully customizable treatments for all their customers. The stylists use the studio’s patented application process to attach lightweight eyelash extensions to give each person the most natural-looking lash line. Located at Suite 430, 5000 Belt Line Road, Amazing Lash Studio offers a wide range of types of eyelashes and multiple services and enhancements for you to choose from.

Dep Lashes

One studio that sets itself apart from others is Dep Lashes. This studio uses volume and multiple-layer techniques to improve the look and feel of your eyes dramatically. Stylists separate each of your eyelashes and apply multiple individual extensions, making the eyes fuller. Perhaps the best part of their process is that the extensions won’t stick together; the unique application process means that they become a part of the natural life-cycle of your eyes – it’s almost like they were always there!

Wink Doctor Lash Studio

Known for its beautiful services and first-rate products and materials, Wink Doctor Lash Studio is one of DFW’s leading lash salons. The lash stylists here are dedicated to providing all their clients with fully-customizable lash sets that suit their needs and wants. Because they use superior products and take great care in applying eyelash extensions, many clients have worn their extensions for years and still have natural lashes to be proud of.

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