Celebrate Earth Day April 22

Celebrate Earth Day April 22April 22nd is Earth Day, which means its time to celebrate the Earth’s beauty and take care of our home. Earth Day is always a great way to reflect on your sustainability habits and make changes to help reduce your impact.

Spend the Day Car Free

Emissions from your car are a large factor in global warming, so committing to spending the day car-free can help make a change. Walking or biking to work is not only great for the Earth – but it’s great for your health. You’ll end up spending more time in the sun and outdoors, which can help improve your mod.

The Addison Beltway Trail is creating a more bike-friendly environment for Addison residents by adding additional bike trails and easy ways for bikers to share the road.

Plant Something

Today is the perfect day to plant something new. Whether you’ve been wanting to start a vegetable garden, add a new tree to your yard, or had your eye on a houseplant, today is the perfect day to do it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’ve all heard the saying reduce, reuse, recycle, but it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate this into everyday life. It can involve reducing your impact, reusing when possible, and recycling what cannot be reused. Reusable water bottles, Tupperware containers, and using rags instead of paper towels are all easy swaps you can do in your household to reduce the amount of things you have to throw out.

Make a Bird Feeder

Feed the local birds by creating a bird feeder to hang from a tree in your yard. If you like bird watching, leaving seeds for birds is a great way to observe nature in your own backyard. Keep the bird feeder up year-round to see the birds come and go with the seasons.

This website gives you some easy DIY options to create a bird feeder. Many of these you can do with things you probably already have on it, making it a cheap and easy project. The plastic bottle feeder is a great way to reuse a plastic bottle before it’s time to recycle it. 

Clean-Up Trash in Your Neighborhood or Local Park

Go for a walk around your neighborhood or Addison Circle Park, but bring a trash bag so you can pick up trash along the way to dispose of properly. Don’t forget to recycle anything you can! This is a great way to care for the Earth and your community on Earth Day.

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