Welcome Spring With Outdoor Activities

Welcome Spring With Outdoor ActivitiesFinally, the bitter cold is long gone and it is time to start enjoying the hot sun with your friends and family. ‘Tis the season of cold drinks, pools, BBQs, and all things spring! If you do not want to be falling flat with activities to do during the spring you have come to the right place.  

Keeping it simple:

    • Vitruvian Park: Host a picnic with your favorite friends and family and lay a blanket down and sip on your go-to drinks and must have snacks. Sand Volleyball is also available. Gather the most competitive friends and have a classic battle to see who will be crowned victorious. If volleyball is not your niché you can still meet up with those who you know will be excited to play an exciting game of flag football or ultimate frisbee. 
  • Les Lacs Park: You can play tennis or pickleball here. What in the world is pickleball? Glad you asked, it is a combination of tennis, ping pong, and badminton. It is a lot easier on the arms due to the fact that a heavy racket is not required. It can be played in doubles or singles. A basketball court is also available to enjoy.

Turning it up a notch:

    • Frog Pond Water Park at Farmers Branch Aquatics Center: If you are in charge of a playdate, or want to go there yourself and swim in a lazy river this is your place. There is a little something for everyone here. If you have what the aquatic center calls a ‘tadpole’ then the ‘activity pool’ is your best option as it is only 9 inches deep. For children at least 36 inches it has four waterslides and a 350 gallon dump bucket. For adults, the Lagoon pool has a 6 inch deep tanning ledge and there is a 30 foot slide tower, 2 body slides (one enclosed/one opened) and much more!
  • Host a friendly cookoff: Tell your friends and family that bragging rights are at stake. You can choose the main entree that your guests will be serving up which could be the ‘best’ steaks, ribs, burgers, tacos, nachos or whatever you think would be a joy, a delicious one too, to watch and eat from. Everyone loves having the perfect dip for their cookouts or BBQs, so even hosting a salsa competition can spice things up (pun intended). If you are looking for another incentive for your friends or family to participate in your cookoff let them know that their dish will be the must have of the spring or summer! Especially if they love cooking reward them for their hard work. If you want to have a very interesting night tell your friends to make their best spring drinks and only one can take the invisible crown. 

However you choose to welcome the spring, put your best foot forward and celebrate surviving the winter and enjoy more time relaxing with your loved ones.


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