Spring 2022 Fashion Trends for Men and Women

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends for Men and WomenWarmer temperatures and bright colors signify that spring are here, which means that new fashion trends are making themselves known. If you are looking for a reason to go shopping, here are a few trends for both men and women that will be popular in the coming months.

Black Loafers – Men

There’s something simple yet sophisticated about loafers and their slip-on ease. It’s one of the reasons why you’ll see many men wearing black loafers in the springtime. This shoe does not require laces, and it pairs wonderfully with trousers, jeans, twill pants. It is important to note that black loafers are on the pricier side of the spectrum, but they’re well worth it for the style and quality that you receive. This pair by Dockers is around $80, but it has over 150 five-star ratings on Target’s website.

Mini Skirts – Women

If you’re a woman looking for something super cute to wear, a mini skirt is a great choice. A mini skirt is great to wear when running errands, attending a fun event, or just because! Virtually any material has been made into mini-skirt form, but the most versatile one is denim. It gives off a timeless vibe and goes with everything: style and color. If you want one with a bit of extra style, this ruffle hem denim skirt from Francesca’s is a must-have. 

Bermuda Shorts – Men

Iconic and incredibly popular, Bermuda shorts are an excellent choice to wear in springtime. Not only are they super comfortable, but you are sure to both look and feel good while wearing them. Our pick for the material would be cotton because it is breathable, helps absorb moisture, and feels soft against your skin. If you’re someone who needs Bermuda shorts with lots of pockets, this pair from Nordstrom Rack has plenty of snap flap pockets and side slash pockets. 

Knitted and Crochet Bags – Women

Whether you prefer to have a compact, small handbag or a big, spacious purse, one of the most popular accessory trends is knit and crochet bags for this spring. They are absolutely adorable and showcase a wide variety of textures and patterns. Whether you prefer bags that are one solid color or combine many shades that work well together, you can find a knit or crochet one that fits your style. If you’re looking for something cute and colorful, this eye-catching accessory from Altar’d State is perfect for you!

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