Ways to Get Vitamin D in Winter

With half of the world’s population deficient in Vitamin D, a nutrient needed for bone density and aiding in preventing depression, it’s safe to say getting our daily dose is essential.

Now that freezing temperatures and a lack of sunshine have arrived in Addison, we are left to wonder:

Ways to Get Vitamin D in WinterHow do we get enough vitamin D during winter months?


While diet is always important in keeping our bodies in tune, what we eat becomes are main source of Vitamin D through the winter.

Experts say salmon, tuna, egg yolk, and cod liver oil are all foods to add to increase your vitamin D.

Non-animal product options to receive Vitamin D include mushrooms, spinach, and soybeans.


Your breakfast may be just the key to adding vitamin D into your daily diet. Milk, orange juice, and yogurt are all great options to boost your Vitamin D levels!


While the sun is limited during winter, it only takes 15-20 minutes of sun exposure for your body to absorb it’s necessary Vitamin D. What a great opportunity to take advantage of Texas’ always changing weather!


If all else fails, there are Vitamin D supplements to insure you are getting your daily dose, however experts say to consult a doctor before using as they can cause Vitamin D toxicity by too high of levels in your system.

Whether through a simple walk, at your breakfast table, or as a part of your morning vitamins, Vitamin D is essential to getting through these dreary-skied months happy and healthy.


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