Posture Tips to Protect Your Spine

Posture Tips to Protect Your SpineThe new year is starting out and many of you are returning to work or school and with that being said it is never too late to work on improving your posture for your spine!

You may be finding yourself staying seated for longer periods of time or you have been noticing more back discomfort, these tips will help strengthen your posture.

  1. Stretch often: This is a very important step to take. When given a chance try to realign and change the way you are sitting or standing. Sitting or standing in the exact same position will wear your spine out quicker because your body is not meant to become a statue. The body needs a range of movement to occur so that stiffness can be limited.

  2. Make sure your feet touch the floor: If you have to sit at a desk make sure your chair height allows both of your feet to touch the floor. If you cannot adjust the seat then think about purchasing a foot stool to help with the height difference. Your feet act as your anchor, so it will need to be properly placed if not it can throw your hips and spine off balance.

  3. Take a small walk: If you notice that you have not gotten up from your seat or your vicinity, walk to the restroom and spend an extra minute stretching out your muscles and back. If you are allowed snack breaks instead of eating at your desk, walk around while you eat your snack.

  4. Keep legs shoulder-width apart: If you have to be in a standing position for long periods of time then this is a great tip for when it comes to perfecting your posture. Also by keeping your shoulders back it allows for your spine to align how it is supposed to.

  5. Keep your head leveled: Many of you have to be staring at a computer or some activity where your head has to look down, up, or sideways for a continuous time, however that can affect your posture. If you have to be sending emails or messages all day on your phone or computer, you primarily tilt your head downward and that can cause you to put a strain on your neck and spine. Do not forget to look up every 20 minutes at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds (adding a vision tip here as a bonus!).

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