Where To Get Botox in the Corridor

Where To Get Botox in the Corridor
Use Botox as a form of self care

Self-care is a necessity and it looks different for everyone. Some like spending quality time reading a new book while others run a mile. Oftentimes self-care looks like spending the night in to catch up on a series you forgot you started while others want botox. So, here are a few hotspots to check out for botox.

Skin Damsel Aesthetics 

Skin Damsel offers customers to customize their own treatment plans. It is clear that beauty is not a ‘one size fits all’ and letting customers determine what they would like a touch-up on is imperative. At Skin Damsel there are many botox options including forehead and frown lines, eyebrow lift, crows feet, and much more. Memberships are also available to guests while it also lets them buy beauty products for more continuous care. 


Dallas Dermatology Partners

Dallas Dermatology Partners gives great advice when it comes to aftercare and they are sure to make their clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Dallas Dermatology Partners offers certain specials depending on the holiday or occasion. To ease clients into botox, Dallas Dermatology Partners publishes photos on their website to show potential customers before and after photos of botox procedures. On their social media accounts they frequently announce new specials. Dallas Dermatology Partners also offers beauty products to be purchased. 


Where To Get Botox in the Corridor
Fix your problem areas with Botox

Fresh Image Cosmetics Surgery & Skin Center

Fresh Image offers a cool new twist to online consultations. It allows prospective customers to use a model and highlight which body features one would like to have work done on. A quick and easy virtual consultation. Botox needs very little downtime afterwards and trusting Dr. Standefer is a vital part of your visit. Many clients come from outside the DFW area to get work done by Dr. Standefer and his team because they have tremendous care for their patients. 


Setty Plastics & Aesthetics 

Setty Plastics & Aesthetics offers clients to further understand what it means to get botox. On their website it includes an animation video of how botox exactly works and what to expect while receiving the injections. Another refreshing concept is that a certain portion of botox (and similar procedures) expenses get donated to charity! Ever since 2017, roughly about $79k has been donated to various organizations and charities. It is truly a win-win for all parties involved.


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