Tips on Committing to your Health this New Year

This year commit to the new year, new me and commit to your health 2022. Here are some tips to improve your health and lifestyle. 

Tips on Committing to your Health this New Year
Cut Back on Salty Foods This Year

Cut Back on Salty Foods

Salt is in almost everything that we consume in our daily meals. Extreme or high amounts of sodium lead to high blood pressure or make it worse for those who suffer from it. It also increases the risk of heart disease. Avoid salty snacks, and opt for low-sodium foods when preparing your meals or eating out.

Become Active

Going to the gym is not your only option when deciding to start being active. Accomplish your new year’s resolution and go for a run or opt for a yoga class. Becoming active helps the body stay healthy. Physical activity includes even going out for a walk with your dog or even to the store. 

Get Vaccinated 

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 changed our everyday lives. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine can help avoid the virus, and help with the nasty symptoms if you were to get it. The two-shot vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, as well as the third booster shot and the Johnson and Johnson vaccination are available at Walgreens, CVS and urgent care centers. Get the vaccine to stay healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations.

Tips on Committing to your Health this New Year
Carry a Reusable Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to carry your day. This year, commit to not being dehydrated. Carry a bottle of water around to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps clean your system, and it keeps you alert. Staying hydrated can also help avoid headaches and nausea.

Go to the Doctor

Keep up with doctor appointments and get your yearly checkup. Many skip the doctor as they feel like they must not go because they’re not sick. This is a common misconception as everybody should be getting yearly checkups and a physical to make sure everything is in place. It is better to be safe than sorry, and keep up with your health even if you are not visibly nor physically sick! 

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