Sweater Weather Clothes for Men and Women

With the promise of cold weather (hopefully) around the corner, it’s time to rotate out the clothes in your closet. Push those summer clothes to the back and pull your winter clothes out to the front. One staple of the winter wardrobe is the sweater. There is no lack of options to choose from with all sorts of colors, styles, fabrics, and designs. If you want to add to your sweater weather collection, here are some recommendations at local stores for both men and women. 

Men’s Pullover Sweater

If you are a guy looking for a comfy, warm outer layer to wear, this Goodfellow and Co. sweater from Target is a great option. It is a regular-fit crewneck sweatshirt with banded cuffs and hem. These lightweight fabrics are made of cotton and nylon and offer comfort without being too heavy. With different color options that pair well with a range of bottoms, this is something that you can wear again and again. 

Sweater Weather Clothes for Men and WomenWomen’s Cable Knit Sweater

The cable knit sweater is classic for a reason; not only is it wonderful at keeping you warm while in cold weather, but it is also absolutely adorable. It is a pullover sweater perfect for layering with a nice shirt underneath and compliments skirts, jeans, and leggings. Soft and comfortable, Francesca’s option comes in three-holiday colors: ivory, red, and green. 

Men’s Colorblocked Pattern Hoodie

Look no further than this option at Nordstrom Rack for fellows looking for something stylish. This hoodie has white, grey, and black argyle and color-blocked patterns to create a unique look. It’s made of super soft material and knitted together with a kangaroo pocket. You can wear it with a pair of denim jeans or solid color pants. 

Women’s Cozy Cardigan

One can never have too many cardigans, right? If you are a fellow cardigan lover like me, this oversized Fairisle cardigan from Altar’d State is right up your alley. Chic and stylish, it is made of 100% polyester and comes with tortoiseshell style button closures. With its cream, white, and blue colors, it is a fun and fashionable choice when you want to go out.

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