Get Glam with Mary Kay Products

The new year is upon us, and with it comes a lot of hopes and resolutions for people.

Finding high-quality and practical products is important if you want to invest more in makeup and health. Here are three beautiful items from Mary Kay that will be an excellent addition to the collection of makeup products in your home. All items can either be purchased online at or through your local beauty consultant.

Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder

Get Glam with Mary Kay Products
Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder

Having a good setting powder makes all the difference when applying your makeup. We recommend Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder if you’re looking for a highly-rated and affordable option. Made with a unique formula free of parabens, wax, fragrance, silicones, and mineral oils, this powder is designed to be worn for an extended time. It is a tinted loose powder that is easy to apply and versatile. 

Not only is this powder dermatologist-tested and suitable for sensitive skin, but it’s also been tested for skin allergy and irritancy. The main ingredient is a plant-based emollient that helps deliver light, soft coverage for your face. As a result, you can either wear it to enhance and extend any makeup look or by itself on clean skin. However you decide to wear the Silky Setting Powder, you can be sure that it helps blur minor imperfections, even skin tone, minimize shine, and smooth your skin’s appearance. 

Limited-Edition Mary Kay Intuitive pH Lip Balm

With the drier, colder months on the horizon, it is essential to invest in moisturizing products that will keep your skin and lips from drying out, cracking, and generally being irritating. One product that is sure to moisturize your lips and leave a soft, smooth finish behind is the Limited-Edition Mary Kay Intuitive pH Lip Balm. 

Tested by dermatologists for both skin irritancy and allergy, this limited-edition product is a must-have for your winter routine. Using intelligent, pH-reactive ingredients, the Intuitive Lip Balm delivers a one-of-a-kind color for every set of lips. The lip balm shifts shades depending on each person’s unique chemistry, providing a perfect hue for each woman. 

Special Edition Mary Kay Scents Collection

Get Glam with Mary Kay Products
Mary Kay Blush Scent Perfume

Last but certainly not least, having a sweet-smelling perfume is the crucial final step in the getting ready process. The Special Edition Mary Kay Scents Collection is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a beautiful fragrance. These two scents, Blush Scent and Velvet Scent can be worn individually or layered together for a sensory-pleasurable experience. 

Fragrance notes like Vanilla from Madagascar and Bulgarian Rose help formulate these two aromas. The Mary Kay Blush Scent is great for any woman who wants something stylish and sophisticated, while the Mary Kay Velvet Scent is the choice for anyone wanting a bold scent that defies expectations.  

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