Best Spots to Go For a Guys’ Night Out

Sometimes we just need a night out with the boys. Whether to catch the latest Marvel movie or watch the Cowboys or Mavs win another game and dissect the game after, these nights are much needed.

Best Spots to Go For a Guys' Night Out
Grab some friends, food and catch the game on the big screen for your next Guy’s Night Out!

We live in a time where life is so busy that we rarely stop down and just hang out with friends. We tend to sometimes drift apart from people because we get so caught up with working or doing different things. But friendships are important and cultivating those friendships is just as important.

One of the easiest things to do is to grab dinner, as it were, we are in a city that has all the major sports represented, so a night out to grab dinner and watch a game should be easy. Pluckers has a great atmosphere, delicious wings, and TVs all over. If you love seafood and live music, hang out at Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse. They also have TVs where you can catch the game while you dive into their amazing Cajun menu!

Sometimes a guy’s night out is more about a celebration like a job promotion or starting a new career or even graduation. Celebrate those achievements with a second-to-none dinner experience at Antonio Ristorante.

Looking to get a good laugh? Try one of Addison’s newest spots, TKs Comedy. They feature nightly entertainment, an amazing menu, and more! Of course, there is also the Improv in Addison, which also features comedians from across the country ready to make you laugh until it hurts.

Best Spots to Go For a Guys' Night Out
How about a little friendly competition for Guy’s Night Out?

With over 20,000 square feet of space filled with games, live music stages, giant screens, and more, Sidecar Social is the perfect spot for a guy’s night out. Challenge your friends at Pop-A-Shot, Foosball, Bocce Ball, and of course Darts! Of course, all in good fun. It’s all just a friendly competition. You won’t miss any of the game action on their 18-foot TVs either!

If you are like me, you don’t miss the premiere of a Marvel or Star Wars movie, and the Village on the Parkway 9 is the perfect place to enjoy a blockbuster movie in all its glory!

Enjoy the time out with the boys! You’ve earned it!

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