Beauty Trends 2022

Beauty Trends for 2022 Men and Women

This new year, keep up with beauty trends! Here are some trends that will continue to take over this 2022! 


CoolSculpting is a fat cell minimizing procedure.  It is a nonsurgical procedure, therefore it has slowly gained popularity this past 2021. The body-sculpting procedure eliminates fat cells through monitored cooling or criolypolysis. It can sculpt the body and reduce fat in order to produce a slimmer, more toned area. Results can be seen after three weeks, and be more noticeable within a month to three months. Setty Plastics, who has won D Magazine’s Best Plastic Surgeon for ten years, offers this procedure. Learn more about it here.

Non Surgical Nose Job

Many are afraid to go under the needle. Due to advances in medicine this is no longer an issue! This non-surgical nose job procedure has also gained popularity this past few years. This procedure, also called “liquid nose job,” helps hide bumps, lift the nose and adds more structure to the nose. A ‘liquid nose job’ also takes a small amount of time and results are immediate. Dallas Dermatology Partners offers this fast procedure. Read more about it here.

Beauty Trends 2022Lip Augmentation

Fresh Image is offering one of the most awaited beauty trends this 2022! Lip Augmentation is for those who have tried lip injectables and want something more permanent. This procedure can help lips look more plump and full. The procedure is quick and takes 45 minutes to an hour. To read and learn more about it go to

Brazilian Wax 

A trend that has lasted over the years. This new year, get your recurring (or first!) Brazilian wax! The Brazilian goes all the way from the front to the back, and leaves you completely nude and smooth. Get it at the European Wax Center where prices start at $56 and first-time customers get a 50% discount!


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