SideChef Makes Your Thanksgiving Meal Planning Easy, Delicious and Environmentally Friendly

SideChef Makes Your Thanksgiving Meal Planning Easy, Delicious and Environmentally FriendlyDo you dread the idea of planning Thanksgiving meal or cringe thinking about your Mother-in-law’s  judgmental looks at your table? Well dread no more as SideChef the app with a supporting website that features thousands of recipes with step-by-step photos or videos to guide you through them is at the rescue! Sure, there are many recipe aps out there but SideChef is unique in that the recipes scale up or down with the press of a button, and there are built-in timers for the steps that need them.

This year SideChef wants to make your Thanksgiving meal planning a snap! We recently visited with them about the particulars of its new Thanksgiving menu partnership, and they answered our questions below:


Question: Is this the first time you have created a specific menu for the Thanksgiving holiday?SideChef Makes Your Thanksgiving Meal Planning Easy, Delicious and Environmentally Friendly

Answer: This is the first time SideChef created a recipe experience where SideChef users can make their own Thanksgiving Holiday menu,      and shop the ingredients of the recipes, and the order is fulfilled by


Question: How can customers order the Thanksgiving menu items?

Answer: When you visit SideChef’s Thanksgiving Menu builder page users will have the option to select a main dish, side dishes, and desserts. Once they have selected their recipes, the user will receive a prompt to enter their email address, before purchase, to receive a personalized email with the menu in a shareable format for friends, family and guests coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Once this is done, the user will continue to check-out and receive all of the recipe ingredients via our fulfilment partner, Walmart.

In fact, all of the ingredients for the recipes on SideChef’s website and app are able to be shopped and fulfilled by our grocery partner, Walmart. Once you check-out with your recipe’s you will have the option to choose store pickup or home delivery.


SideChef Makes Your Thanksgiving Meal Planning Easy, Delicious and Environmentally FriendlyQuestion: What do you think will be the most popular feature of the  Thanksgiving menu builder?

Answer: Other than alleviating the stress of planning out what your Thanksgiving menu will look like, the personalized menu that SideChef users will receive via email will definitely be a hit. It’s a shareable moment that SideChef has created so users can send the menu to friends and family coming to the meal.

And the convenience of shopping the ingredients online will be a big hit! We do want our customers to know that Walmart is closed on Thanksgiving Day, so please  make sure you order your groceries at least a few days in advance. And if you haven’t used our shoppable recipes feature yet, get 10$ off your first order as well! Your Thanksgiving groceries can be delivered right to your door, or you can order them ready for pick up. Planning Thanksgiving has never been easier!


Question: What do you want customers to know about SideChef?

Answer: SideChef is more than a recipe website and app. We have curated recipes with top chef’s, meal plans, recipes for specific tastes, allergies and dietary restrictions which are all able to be shopped and fulfilled by Walmart.

It is also important that customers and potential customers alike know that food waste is a big issue in his country. In fact, 1.4 billion tons of food is wasted every year globally, and America discards more food than any other country. Reducing food waste would help to end world hunger, lower greenhouse gas emissions and save us all a lot of money (about $1,800 per household). Which is why we have launched our zero-waste meal planning and grocery shopping program. For example, when you shop any of our recipes and add them to our cart we will recommend other recipes to help you use your leftover ingredients from the primary recipe you selected. This allows you to capitalize on using all of the ingredients you are purchasing and creating a zero-waste food household. On the Thanksgiving Menu page in particular, we will recommend other recipes on our site, so you do not have any waste of ingredients from the meals.

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For more information on the Thanksgiving menu builder and SideChef.

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