Culinary Art Catering Has Everything You Need for an Event

Culinary Art Catering Has Everything You Need for an EventCulinary Art Catering was founded over 25 years ago by Chef Yossi. Chef Yossi started by offering his catering services to friends and family in the area but as word spread of his amazing food and presentation, he quickly realized that it was time to start doing it full time. With the assistance of his General Manager Vivian Morgan, Chef Yossi and Culinary Art Catering began its journey.

Culinary Art Catering has grown from just catering to opening its first venue, the Nuvo Room and a few years later, the Vouv Meeting and Event Space. They also cater at the Addison Conference Centre. But the success that Culinary Art Catering has should not come as a surprise. As their website says, “One thing that has always set Culinary Art Catering apart from other Dallas catering companies has been their commitment to the quality and integrity of the food. As a chef first and foremost, Chef Yossi believes that the food should be a focal point of the celebration.”

While the pandemic has been tough on the restaurant and catering industry, Culinary Art Catering has been able to adjust and continue to serve its guests. General Manager Vivian Morgan has been hard at work to make sure their clients feel safe during their events, as well as accommodating their events to the current reality of social distancing and safety. They are following the CDC guidelines to ensure both clients and staff are safe and healthy.

The different venues that Culinary Art Catering offers are all great locations for a variety of events. Whether it’s a corporate awards dinner, charity gala or a luxurious wedding, their facilities offer a dynamic layout of three different spaces under one roof. It’s great for a pre-function cocktail hour or guest check-in, as well as presentations and ceremonies. Of course, there is also their ballroom for receptions and banquets.

Culinary Art Catering also services events off-site as well at venues and corporate offices throughout the area offering a full service and upscale experience no matter where the event is taking place. For more information on Culinary Art Catering, visit their website.

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