Sustainable Businesses in the North Dallas Corridor

Sustainable Businesses in the North Dallas CorridorGiving back to the environment makes the world a better place, and many North Dallas Corridor businesses have embraced their responsibility to the earth. The Harvard Business School said a growing number of organizations are integrating sustainability into their business strategy. According to them, “In business, sustainability refers to doing business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole…Sustainable businesses consider a wide array of environmental, economic, and social factors when making business decisions.”

There are many sustainable businesses that call the North Dallas Corridor home. In fact, several are listed on Green Source DFW’s site, which was created by the Memnosyne Institute in 2011 to educate the community about environmental topics. One of their green company’s is Interprise Design, located at 14241 Dallas Parkway, Suite 260, in Dallas. Since 1981, Interprise Design has helped clients create beautiful spaces and solve core needs through thoughtfully designed spaces. They have a philanthropy team called Inergise that invests in the community, implements strategies, initiates action and inspires others. Their 2020 causes include Dress for Success, Our Friend’s Place, the Kukhoma Project, and We Care. Sustainable Businesses in the North Dallas Corridor

Another company on Green Source’s green business list is Mary Anne Mayer Redmond, CFP, RFC, financial advisor. She encourages her clients to go green by offering sustainable and green investing choices to them. In an interview with Green Source, Redmond said, “I believe that our investing dollars can make a difference in how companies operate with regard to sustainable [ecological, social] practices,” Redmond says. “I also believe that there’s a deeply personal value to encompassing conscious sustainable investing choices in one’s life.” Fun fact: Redmond’s business cards can actually be planted to grow into wildflowers!

Of course, there are many other sustainable businesses not on Green Source’s list, like Brantley Cleaners in Addison Walk. This family owned and operated cleaner calls themselves the “cleaner that cares” because they provide excellent service to their customers. They are also an eco-friendly cleaner that cares for the environment too.

We are proud to have sustainable businesses that call the North Dallas Corridor home! Keep up the good work in leaving the world a better place.


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