Must Try Fall Dishes

Must Try Fall DishesFor a foodie, food is more than just stuff we consume to live. It’s an experience. We love visiting different regions because it means eating things that may not grow or may not be available where we live. Even something as simple as the change in seasons brings about something new and exciting. Every season brings with it different fruits, veggies, and dishes. For example, summer is all about keeping hydrated and trying to cool down. During those winter months, we’re all about warm soups and holiday treats! Spring is lots of fruits and inevitably, trying to work on our summer bod.

But what about Fall? What are some of the things we love to eat after the temperatures finally come down from summertime?

We all know that pumpkins are a prominent ingredient during the fall. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin-flavored coffee and drinks, muffins, pancakes and so much more! Listen, I’m one hundred percent in on pumpkins. But what else should we look for this Fall?

How about sweet potatoes? Try it as a dessert-like a delicious sweet potato pie, or this amazing Sweet Potato Souffle courtesy of Trisha Yearwood at the Food Network.

For a hearty meal during these raining days, try a chicken potpie from Street’s Fine Chicken. It’s comfort food at its best.

Another comfort food option? Try the Lobster bisque from an Addison classic restaurant, Lefty’s Lobster and Chowder House. 

Looking for a delicious breakfast? Try the Pumpkin Patch Crepes or the pumpkin pancakes at The Original Pancake House. They’re only here for a limited time, so make sure to visit them soon.

Do you have a favorite Fall dish, snack or dessert? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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