Denim Redo Trend

Denim Redo TrendJeans will never go out of style, but the way we wear them is constantly changing. The last few years has seen a rice in the no-holes, unblemished denim look, but with the pandemic, creativity is winning out. People are now re-doing their jeans, cutting holes in the legs, making uneven hemlines over the ankles, splattering them with paint, sewing on patches, or cutting them into shorts. It’s a beautiful blend of fashion and art!

If you are looking to try the denim redo trend, here are a few tips:

  1. Pluck blue strands out. After cutting horizontal strips a half inch apart, use tweezers to pluck all the blue threads out. This will leave only the horizontal white threads that looks so cool.
  2. Sew patches on. While iron-on patches work, they don’t always stay on through normal wear-and-tear or washing. Instead, attach the patch with fabric glue, then use a basic running stitch to keep it in place.
  3. Cut jeans at a diagonal. If you want to cut jeans into shorts, make a line on the jeans, cutting at a one- or two-inch diagonal. Afterward, use sandpaper to fray your hem!

Or, you can always buy jeans from these Corridor stores with the same redone style.

At Zara, these Full Length High Rise Jeans ($45.90) feature two distressed holes cut right above the knee, and side splits at the hem on both sides. This is a chic, fun look that shows off heels or boots. The Blank NYC Good Vibrations Distressed Star Patch Jeans ($128) from Neiman Marcus are another great example. These feature ripped holes in both thigh and knee areas, and it is covered in chic star patches. Finally, the Tara Rainbow Heart  Shorts ($10.49) from Francesca’s feature a cut-off shorts look, with a cute rainbow Pride flag patch sewn on the back pocket.

Whether you redo your own denim or you buy some already distressed, you’re going to look great!

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