Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in the Corridor

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in the Corridor
Many Mexican restaurants in the Corridor serve authentic, delicious dishes like the ones pictured above.

Food is a great way to explore a culture. A culture’s cuisine can reflect longtime traditions, environmental resources and a group’s ingenuity. Considering that National Hispanic Heritage Month begins tomorrow, Sept. 15, you may want to celebrate by savoring Latin cuisine available in the Corridor.

Although National Hispanic Heritage Month commemorates all Latin nationalities, people of Mexican origin make up 60.5 million of the Hispanic population in the U.S., making them the largest Hispanic origin group in our nation.

Celebrate this group’s heritage by delighting in Mexico’s cuisine at the following restaurants. Here are the top Mexican restaurants in Addison and the North Dallas Corridor.

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in the Corridor
Timisoara: Group of dancers from Mexico in traditional costume.

Meso Maya, 5280 Belt Line Road

From the herbs and spices they use for homemade adobos and salsas, to their hand-ground tortillas, to the entrees and sauces they create from scratch, every dish is prepared with a reverence to the states of Mexico—glorious places like Yucatan, Vera Cruz, and Chiapas.

The chocolate used in our mole sauce is made from specialty cocoa beans they grind in house. The garlic in the camaron al mojo de ajo is peeled from whole cloves. The skillet-baked blueberries in the pastel de mora are always fresh picked. The tomatoes in their salsa are cooked on a wood-burning grill. You cannot go wrong with anything on their authentic menu.

Cantina Laredo, 4546 Belt Line Road

Serving “authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere,” Cantina Laredo is surely a Mexican restaurant to visit. Try the shrimp, scallop and fish-packed tangy ceviche ($8.99).

El Fenix, 5280 Belt Line Road

While El Fenix is famous for its Tex-Mex fare, you can try some authentic-style tacos. The steak or chicken street tacos include Adobo-seasoned meat served with traditional taco toppings: a spicy molcajete sauce, cilantro and onions ($9.29 – $9.59)

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine, 5100 Belt Line Road

Serving Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine, you can delight in foods from North and Central America. Devour the pollo a la Mexicana, which includes marinated chicken breast cooked with jalapenos, onions and bell peppers. For Salvadoran fare, try the Gloria’s super special, which is a sample platter of a Salvadoran-style tamale, one pupusa, fried yucca and plantain, served with black beans and rice.

Los Lupes, 3855 Belt Line Road

This family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant has served authentic Mexican food for 40 years. Try the mole plate to savor genuine Mexican flavors. The mole chipotle con pollo ($8.95) features chicken cooked and slathered with mole, an Aztec-style sauce made from a blend of chili, sesame, onion, garlic, peanut, cinnamon, anise and chocolate.

Taco Diner, 4933 Belt Line Road

This diner serves delicious Mexico City-style comfort and street food. If you’re in the mood for tacos, try the tinga tacos ($5), which come with chicken cooked with spicy chipotle and tomato broth. For a bigger meal, taste the pescado Veracruz ($13), which features a pan-seared tilapia with sauce in the style of Mexico’s Eastern coastal state, Veracruz.

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