Managing Summer Allergies

Managing Summer AllergiesSummer is a beautiful time filled with sunshine, flowers and warm days and nights. However, the beauty of summer can quickly be dulled for those that suffer from awful seasonal allergies. If anyone knows what it’s like to struggle to enjoy this season because of allergies, it’s me. I have dealt with severe allergies in the summer for years, but luckily I have figured out ways to manage them with the help of some different products and adjusting behaviors. Below are some tips that can help you manage your summer allergies as well.


Over the Counter Medications

For those that wake up each day of summer with a sniffly nose or itchy eyes, taking an over the counter medication like an antihistamine might be a good idea. Products like Zyrtec or Claritin will help keep your allergy symptoms at bay for a good portion of the day. These medications can also be good preventative measures for other allergy-borne conditions, such as sinus infections. Trust me, as someone whose allergies often give way to a sinus infection, you don’t want that to happen!

Sometimes headaches can be a symptom of allergies, so a pain reliever such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help manage that pain as well.

Other helpful products include eye drops for dry, itchy eyes and creams like Eucerin for itchy and irritated skin that can occur with people who have eczema.

Do Your Due Diligence

Pollen, unfortunately, is a constant presence in the summertime. This major allergy trigger can easily ruin a good day, so checking the pollen levels each day will give you a good idea of what lies ahead. If you’re able to avoid a lot of outside activity on high pollen count days, that is the best strategy.

Dust is another menace when it comes to summer allergies. Dusting your home, vacuuming your carpets and cleaning your air filters will make sure that dust mites are not lingering in the air.


Keep Your Sinuses Clear

As I mentioned earlier, irritation in your sinuses due to allergies can lead to a very unpleasant sinus infection. If you find yourself sneezing a lot, it is a good idea to use a nasal spray to frequently clean out your sinuses to prevent an infection.

Another lifesaver for sinuses is a humidifier. They prevent dryness, which in turn prevents your sinuses from being overactive. Sleeping with a humidifier on can make a big difference if you’re congested, too. This humidifier from Bed Bath and Beyond would be a good choice.

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