Gluten-Free Options in the Corridor

Try the strawberry poppyseed salad or another gluten-free item in the Corridor! Credit: Panera Bread.

There are many reasons you might choose to go gluten-free, including managing celiac disease or avoiding uncomfortable side effects if you are sensitive to gluten. According to the Mayo Clinic, a gluten-free diet includes avoiding all foods and drinks containing wheat, barley, rye, triticale, and some oats. This is easy at the grocery store, when helpful “Gluten Free” or “GF” labels can help you choose, but what about when you go out to eat? Luckily, there are several Corridor restaurants that offer gluten-free options on the menu! Here are a few of our favorites.

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Lazy Dog offers a special gluten-sensitive menu. Options include chicken tortilla soup, Tex-Mex salad, cobb salad, hamburger, sweet & spicy wok, grilled chicken breast, grilled salmon, flat iron steak, pickled cucumber salad, steamed spinach, cilantro black beans, steamed white or brown rice, red skin potato mash, sliced tomatoes, and fresh fruit.

Ra Sushi

You’ll find plenty of gluten-free items on RA Sushi’s gluten-sensitive menu! These include your choice of appetizers: edamame, chicken yakitori, and garlic ponzu yellowtail. Soups and salads: miso soup, uchi no salad, nutty grilled salad, and sashimi salad. And entrees: sashimi assortment, nigiri assortment, or teriyaki chicken, steak, or salmon. Your poke options include: ahi tuna, salmon, and bara chirashi. You can also get a delicious zonie roll!

Panera Bread

On your lunch break, head to Panera Bread to order something from their gluten-sensitive menu.  You can get a Baja warm grain bowl (with or without chicken) or a Mediterranean warm grain bowl (with or without chicken). For salads, you can choose the strawberry poppyseed salad, Greek salad, seasonal greens salad, Fuji apple salad, modern Greek salad with quinoa, tomato basil cucumber salad, green goddess cobb salad, Southwest chile lime ranch salad, and Caesar salad (many of these are available with chicken added). Finally, you can also get soups, breakfast items, sides, and beverages made without gluten. 

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