Tips on Going Back into the Office

Now that COVID-19 precautions are completely lifted in Texas, it’s time to slowly go back into the office! This may cause some stress, excitement, fear, or a bit of every one of these feelings. These mixed feelings are totally normal, here are some tips on going back to the office.

Keep Your Area Clean

Try to bring cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, and gloves.  Make sure to clean your desk and keep it clean to avoid a cluttered space and clean out any germs. Keep your hands sanitized after touching anybody’s hands, stairs, or buttons. If you’re not comfortable enough touching anything yet, maybe some gloves may be helpful.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Going back to work in person will stir up some stress and anxiety even if you feel like it’s not going to! Try to keep yourself in a happy place and remember that everything is easing back into normality. Try to think about how it is better to come back to work and have interactions or try to think about the satisfactory drive back home after work!

Ease into Going Back

If it’s possible, try to go into the office once or twice a week before transforming into going back for five days a week. If this can’t be arranged, try to ease back into routine by waking up a bit earlier, or adjusting your sleep schedule by going to sleep earlier. Try to keep your distance between coworkers until you feel comfortable having interactions again and bring hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

Wear a Mask

Although all precautions are lifted off, you can still make your own. Wear a mask at your workplace if it makes you feel better. They protect by preventing the spread of germs. If you’re not vaccinated it may be better to wear a mask, as COVID-19 can still be just as dangerous and deadly. This will ensure you keep yourself and others safe.

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