Tie Dye Trends

When you think of tie dye, you might think of the classic pattern that kids put on shirts with the help of kits from the store and a few rubber bands. However, tie dye has become much more fashionable than that recently. The pattern is worn as both an accent and the main attraction of an outfit. It’s especially been brought back into the fashion rotation with the help of Gen Z. Below are some cool examples of how to make tie dye cute and modern.


Steve Madden Sandals

These tie dye sandals by Steve Madden embody the current tie dye trend perfectly by mixing it with another trend: pastel. These are great for casual summer outfits. They run for $40 at the Steve Madden store.


Biker Shorts

These high waisted biker shorts from Nordstrom are very affordable at just $10. They’re not only suitable for working out, but also nice when worn with an oversize t-shirt and sneakers because, yes, athleisure is still a big trend. The tie dye on these shorts is black, light grey and white, which gives off a chic and monochromatic look.


Victoria’s Secret Bikini

The pool is the perfect place to wear tie dye, and this bikini top with matching bottoms from Victoria’s Secret is a fun way to wear the trend. It’s baby blue and white colors make it look like the sky, which is another nice summertime detail. The top sells for $99 and can be mixed and matched with other bottoms.


Aerie Jumpsuit

This $25 jumpsuit from American Eagle is an example of a more subtle use of tie dye. This is a good choice for people who aren’t fond of bold prints but still want a little variety. The muted beige base color with the pops of cream tie dye make this casual piece of clothing more interesting.


PacSun Sweatsuit Set

No matter what the weather is like outside, these days you’re bound to see people in matching sweat sets. As some might say, fashion is sometimes more important than weather-appropriate clothing. This set from PacSun blends tie dye with pastel again for a very feminine look. The pants are $28, while the top is $18.



Who says you have to stick with clothes that can be seen on the outside when it comes to fashion? This tie dye bra from Victoria’s Secret is a way to have fun with your clothes even if other people can’t see it. Printed undergarments are great for those that want a more professional outfit. This bra sells for $35.

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