What to know About Men’s Health Month in June

June is National Men’s Health Month. It is meant to raise awareness about health care for men. This upcoming month, focus on encouraging men to practice healthy life decisions. Here are some things to know about Men’s Health Month!

There is also a Men’s Health Week:

Leading up to Father’s Day, there is a National Men’s Health Week. This year, it will be celebrated the week of June 14th through June 20th. The week was created by Congress in 1994 to create awareness of preventable health issues in men. It is meant to encourage them to go to the doctor and detect these diseases early.

Wear Blue Day:

On Men’s Health Week, there is also a specific day to show the men in your family that you care. This year on June 18th, wear blue to raise awareness. Wearing blue raises awareness on how men die younger. They actually die 5 years earlier than women and die at higher rates. This is due to lack of encouragement on men getting regular health check-ups.

Ways to Celebrate:

The main reason for this week is for men to be on top of their health. The best way to celebrate is to schedule a check-up with the doctor. Anything that’s been bothering you or the men of the house should be a reason to set up an appointment. Check up on that weird knee-pain you get once in a while, or an injury that’s been hurting. Even just a normal check-up is ideal! 

Keep Healthy:

Another way to celebrate is to start a new diet, or go to the gym. Keeping your body healthy is essential for a long life. Try taking a 30-minute walk, eating a balanced-breakfast or going swimming. Anything that makes you feel good is a way to celebrate. 

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