Operation Kindness Hosts In-person Adoption Opportunities Once Again!

Operation Kindness Hosts In-person Adoption Opportunities Once Again!
In-person adoptions are now open! Credit: Operation Kindness.

Petting a sweet dog or an adorable cat is the best feeling in the world. And when you are trying to find the right animal to bring home as your forever pet, spending time together beforehand to see if you get along is vital. That’s why Corridor-based Operation Kindness is thrilled to be able to offer in-person adoption opportunities once again!

Operation Kindness is the leading lifesaving shelter in North Texas. They have been using a tele-adoption system for a year in order to better serve and place homeless animals in homes during the pandemic.

They’re now allowing guests to schedule an adoption appointment to meet and greet dogs, puppies, and kittens. (Note: adult cats will only be available by tele-adoption, as they are currently thriving in foster care.) The organization will be open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., with appointments available every weekday. Fill out an adoption questionnaire online, then book an appointment to go see Operation Kindness’s recently renovated facility, complete with a newly designed backyard to meet dogs and meet and greet rooms to visit with kittens.

“Operation Kindness is excited to introduce in-person adoption opportunities, especially for Addison residents because it’s an opportunity for them to find the perfect companion for their family,” said Ed Jamison, CEO of Operation Kindness. “Addison is a community-based town, prominently known for raising families and having a wide-range of activities for humans and animals alike. That’s the perfect environment for dogs and cats to thrive in and what we want them to experience after they’ve left our facility. We’re excited to visit with the community in-person again, especially those just around the corner from our front doors.”

The decision to offer in-person appointments comes on the heels of summer when the weather is warmer, and the shelter can utilize its newly designed and spacious landscaped property to host potential adopters and adorable, adoptable dogs and puppies. Kittens and young cats will also be on-site for adoption, but adult cats will remain available for tele-adoption only due to how happy and well-adjusted they are in foster care. Moving them back to the shelter at this time will cause them stress, and Operation Kindness prioritizes animal wellness for all dogs and cats under their care.

For potential adopters interested in meeting and greeting a pet from the shelter, they can fill out an online adoption questionnaire and schedule an in-person appointment with a designated date and time. On the specified appointment day, staff will meet guests at the front door of the new adoption lobby to confirm the appointment.

Operation Kindness Hosts In-person Adoption Opportunities Once Again!
Hang out in this beautiful backyard with dogs! Credit: Operation Kindness.

After checking in, guests will then be taken to shelter’s backyard specifically designed to support animal enrichment endeavors. Pet introductions will be conducted between families and dogs in the open, fresh air of the facility. For kittens and young cats, visitations and acquaintances will occur indoors in the meet and greet rooms. If adopters would like to take home a pet, there will be a review of medical and behavioral information, and all paperwork will be completed during the appointment. Pets will be able to go home with their new families the same day in most cases. Adult cats will continue to be available through the tele-adoption process over the phone.

To continue protecting staff, volunteers and guests at the shelter, Operation Kindness is implementing safety precautions to keep everyone protected. These include:

  • Requiring all guests to wear a face mask or covering indoors
  • Requiring staff and volunteers to wear masks indoors while interacting with guests
  • Not requiring masks outdoors for guests who are fully vaccinated or when social distancing can be maintained
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • Enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces after each guest

Offering in-person appointments is a continuation of Operation Kindness’ work to support homeless animals and the community who have been so generous in encouraging its lifesaving work. Most adoptions at the shelter during the pandemic were from tele-adoptions. While adoption numbers did look different from previous years, intake was down at shelters across the country due to COVID-19. By reopening just in time for the warmer season, Operation Kindness is making it a goal to place at least 5,000 dogs and cats into loving, responsible homes by this time next year. Adoptions provide pets with stability, kindness and care, an integral component of fighting against the complexity of animal homelessness.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the community back to the shelter while also providing opportunities for them to adopt a new family member,” said Jamison in a recent press release. “It’s also an exciting time with all of the new improvements we’ve made to the shelter and the exceptional growth we’ve had. It’s all due in part to our community supporters, and we feel it’s the perfect time to invite visitors back and share this progress. We can’t wait to see everyone and continue our lifesaving work to improve the lives of animals.”

Operation Kindness Hosts In-person Adoption Opportunities Once Again!
Credit: Operation Kindness.

Understanding that each dog and cat deserves an excellent quality of life in a loving home, Operation Kindness goes above and beyond to be a vital resource in the animal wellness space. By providing lifesaving pet resources through partnerships, programs and community support, the nonprofit organization impacts all aspects of animal care, including medical treatment, enrichment opportunities, behavioral challenges, pet food insecurity and more.

For over 45 years, thousands of homeless animals have been given an opportunity to find the love and support they need through Operation Kindness. Humane values and behaviors drive the organization to continue its mission with a passionate community that supports all animals’ wellbeing.

Operation Kindness will begin offering in-person adoptions for dogs, puppies and kittens starting Wednesday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday. For more information about the in-person adoption process, learn more on Operation Kindness’s blog or reach out via email at ok@operationkindness.org or phone at 972-418-7297.

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