George Kovach at Southwest Gallery

George Kovach “Evening Glow”

Take a stroll through time and see the beautiful landscaping through somebody else’s eyes. Come enjoy George Kovach’s new gallery at the Southwest Gallery on June 19th.

This fine art exhibition will feature the Texas landscape. Kovach paintings depict numerous big green hills, bluebonnets, roads, and windmills. This exhibition won’t only be showcasing Kovach’s work, but it will also be up for sale.

Some of his work like “Under the Blue Texas Skies,” depict a green prairie with bluebonnets, trees, and a lake leading up to a bigger water source. Some of the other paintings like “Fire on the Prairie” show a cowboy chasing longhorns as a fire behind him seems to happen. These paintings show the different but spectacular sights of Texas.

George Kovach began to follow his passion for art after beginning his career in advertising and realizing his true love was fine art. He went on to studying and graduating from the Miami Art Institute. He quickly began to express what he loved.

While studying, Kovach grew interested and studied the techniques of the Hudson River Artist. He adopted Texas as his second home. He used his admiration for his picturesque paintings showing what the greener side of Texas looks like. Besides painting Texas, he also enjoys painting his home, family, and community.

Kovach is an acclaimed artist due to his limited edition prints and works. His work will not only be showcased at Southwest Gallery but it will also be sold. His paintings range from $4,150 to $29,000. All paintings are unless it’s stated otherwise.

The solo exhibition will also show additional artwork that also depicts nature and fauna.

The Southwest Gallery has provided the largest collection of artwork for over 50 years. They provide multiple styles of paintings which are all displayed in their showroom.  Don’t miss Kovach’s beautiful work this upcoming June 19th.

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