Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day in Addison

Family Health and Fitness Day is June 12, 2021! Promoted by the National Park and Recreation Association and celebrated on the second Saturday in June each year, this unique day promotes the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities healthy. There are a few ways to celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day. The first is through your local community as park and recreation agencies are encouraged to host special events such as a family fun run or a health fair. The second is by simply visiting a local park or recreation center where you can participate in a variety of family-friendly activities. Lastly, you can celebrate by just spending some time outdoors as a family doing an activity such as walking, biking, swimming, golfing, tennis, and so much more.

According to the National Park and Recreation Association, there are five main reasons to participate on Family Health and Fitness Day – and every day for that matter:

  1. Parks help reduce obesity and incidence of chronic disease by providing opportunities to increase rigorous physical activity in a variety of forms
  2. Parks foster overall wellness and health habits, such as becoming tobacco-free and engaging in enrichment activities that add balance to life
  3. Between the years of 2000 and 2012, more than 85 studies have been published that link parks to better physical and mental health
  4. Living close to parks and other recreation facilities is consistently related to higher physical activity levels for both adults and youth
  5. Parks provide a connection to nature, which studies demonstrate relieves stress levels, improves mental health, and tightens interpersonal relationships

In Addison, there are a wide variety of parks and recreation centers to choose from when you are planning what you want to do for Family Health and Fitness Day:

  • Addison Circle Park (4950 Addison Circle Drive, Addison, TX 75001): walking path available and splash pad for children to run around and get wet
  • Addison Town Park (3799 Sidney Drive, Addison, TX 75001): light looped walking/jogging path, playground, and plenty of green grass to run around on
  • Beckert Park (5044 Addison Circle Drive, Addison, TX 75001): a 1.16 acre park that features a lighter walkway and beautiful landscaping
  • Bosque Park (15675 Quorum Drive, Addison, TX 75001): beautiful red cedar trees to see, walking paths, and unique public art
  • Celestial Park (5501 Celestial Road, Addison, TX 75001): jogging trail and steps with celestial quotations
  • Dome Park (14705 Sherlock Drive, Addison, TX 75001): small playground and pollinator patch for children
  • George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School Park (3939 Spring Valley Rd, Addison, TX 75001): a large open lawn, pollinator patch, walking trail, and playground
  • Les Lacs Linear Park (3901 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX 75001): multi-use trail, flexible use lawn space, basketball, tennis/pickleball, playground, sand volleyball, Texas trail garden, and two public art installations
  • North Addison Park (N Addison Park Trail, Addison, TX 75001): a half-mile one-way jogging trail, artistic arbor, picnic tables, and pollinator patch
  • Parkview Park (5032 Parkview Place, Addison, TX 75001): a trellis with tables, benches, and flexible lawn space
  • Quorum Park (16201 Quorum Drive, Addison, TX 75001): a display fountain (beautifully lit at night), small pyramid fountain, benches, and lighted walking path
  • Spruill Park (4936 Marcus Avenue, Addison, TX 75001): a dog park for small & large dogs, a trellis with seating area, a plaza with bench seating, pollinator patch, and a large open lawn area.
  • Vitruvian Park (3966 Vitruvian Way, Addison, TX 75001): 12 acres of green space make up the showcase amenity of Vitruvian Park which invites participation with public art, live performance venues and dramatic water features. A walkway meanders along with creek and connects to other greenbelt trails within Addison and adjacent regional trail systems.
  • Winnwood Park (5580 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254): picturesque gazebo over the pond, bridge, floating fountain, deck overlooks, and park benches makes for a beautiful photo spot

Some creative ideas that your family can do at your home or in your neighborhood are:

  • Host a sidewalk chalk art contest (or have the family write and draw cute and inspiring messages all along the sidewalk)
  • Go on a family bike ride up and down the streets nearby or by going to a local trail that is open
  • Do some unique home improvement projects together. This can include activities such as washing cars, gardening in the front and back yards, or decorating your porch for the summer
  • Try making a healthy meal as a family
  • Have a scavenger hunt in a park or even at your house! Get together some cute and small objects that represent summer (examples could be a small beach ball, swimming googles, a kid’s shovel, sunglasses, etc.) and hide them for the kids to find

The National Parks and Recreation Association would love to see all the fun activities that you and your family are doing on Family Health and Fitness Day. You can share your photos and videos with the organization by tagging NRPA in your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts and using the hashtag #NRPAFamilyFitDay. For more information, or to use the outreach toolkit, go to: https://www.nrpa.org/events/family-fitness-day/

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