Summer Nail Trends

The hottest season of the year is approaching!  It is time to finally enjoy the warmth and update your closet and your nails! Keep in style with these nail trends this upcoming summer!


Neons are a must this season as they pair well with the warm colors and weather. Oranges, greens and yellows being amongst the most popular. These colors were made for the summer, and it looks great on acrylics. Neons are a must this season as they pair well with the warm colors and weather. Wear them as watercolor accents on a white nails or just as solid polish!

Classic White

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple ! If you’re not sure where to start, white is your go-to color. This is a summer favorite and it looks great in the water.  Adding a splash on color on a white nail will switch this simple style onto something dashing and cute. Regardless, if you want to keep it safe white is your color as it matches with anything and can also look professional! 


Yes, crystals on a nail may be hard to keep, but they’re a must this summer! An accent nail with different shapes of crystals shaping the style and the nail is what this summer was missing. Even having crystals on different nails and topping with top-coat looks great! Wear them with your favorite nude polish or make it pop with a vibrant fuchsia or a neon orange. 


Keep it cool with blues this summer. Whether is turquoise or a deep blue royal, it’ll look great! Try doing a rainbow look of blues, starting with a dark lea and finishing up with a light sky blue or periwinkle. Add an accent gold design or crystals for a bold look.

Colorful French Tips

Don’t stick to the boring white-french tip this season. Try giving this simple look a spin by adding color to the French tips. Do colorful pastels, or bright neons for a summer look! If colorful tips don’t convince you, just add glitter on the tips! It looks just as cute, and now your nails will sparkle at all times.

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