Prepare for Mosquito Season

As it continues to get hotter, the bugs will come out to play. That includes the most pesky of them all – mosquitoes. I naively thought it was too early to have to worry about mosquitoes, but when I sat outside for drinks with friends last week, several of them got a hold of me. So, it seems that mosquito season has officially started. Luckily there are ways to protect your skin from these irritating insects as the summer wears on. Below are some foolproof ways to ensure that you remain free of itchy mosquito bites this season.


Ditch the Water

Perhaps the most important step in preventing an influx of mosquitoes is getting rid of any standing water you may have around your house or business. Mosquitoes breed on water, so having a fountain, small pool of water or even drainage can almost guarantee you a swarm of those insects. Removing the water drastically decreases the chances of that happening.


Bug Spray is Your Friend

A good bug spray or insect repellant is the next best way to prevent mosquito bites this summer. Sprays like OFF! don’t kill mosquitoes; instead they make your skin less appealing to them and steers them away from you. Wearing bug spray anytime you’ll be outside for extended periods of time is a good idea, especially if you’ll be outdoors early in the morning or at night.


Use Caution When the Sun is Down

According to Mosquito Nix, the insects come out in droves in times when the sun is down because sunlight dehydrates them. This is why people are more likely to get bites early in the morning before the sun comes up and at dusk when the sun is setting. 


Switch Your Scent

Mosquitoes are attracted to strong scents, especially fruity and floral ones. Be aware of what perfumes and lotions you’re wearing this summer, because it could mean the difference between getting attacked by mosquitoes or not. Instead of that super sweet scent that you might wear in winter or spring, maybe try something more muted and woodsy.


Be Conscious of Clothes

Your clothes can also make a big difference during mosquito season. Thin, sleeveless garments can leave you vulnerable to bites because they give the mosquitoes easy access to your skin. Wearing clothes made of thicker fabric, like cotton, will be a better choice than linens or silks.

Avoiding dark colors is another tip for steering away mosquitoes, as they are attracted to dark colors as well.


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