Prep Your Summer Body

It seems that spring transitions seamlessly into summer, which is exactly what is happening this month as the temperatures start to climb. After being inside for most of the fall and winter summertime brings warmer weather and more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. In preparation of enjoying the pending summertime, there are several ways you can prepare your body for the season with different beauty and fitness products in North Dallas.



Bio Oil will be your best friend this summer if you’re looking to make scars or stretch marks less noticeable before you go to the pool. Of course, scars and stretchmarks are part of what make us unique, but sometimes people want a smoother, sleeker look. The oil also helps with discoloration and acne scars. I use Bio Oil myself and have seen great results! You can purchase it at Ulta.

Hair masks are a necessity during the summer because of how dry the air gets and the fact that some people spent lots of time in the pool. Chlorine and hair are not a good pair. A mask like the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask  from Ulta deep conditions your hair with the help of argan oil and plant proteins. It comes at a decent price of $15 and in a cute pink jar.

Skin mist is a summer product that many don’t think they’ll need, but on a hot day while out and about, it can be a lifesaver. Sprays like Tatcha’s Dewy Face Mist rehydrate your skin and help keep your makeup looking fresh, no matter how much you may be sweating that day. It also adds a nice refreshing dew to your skin even if you aren’t wearing makeup.

At home waxing products may seem scary, but this jar of wax beans by Wakse makes it much less intimidating. You simply microwave the beads, spread the liquid wax onto the part of your body you want to wax, then remove.

Nothing says summer like a golden glow. Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava is a glittery bronzer that looks beautiful in the sunshine. For those that are looking for a tan, Maui Babe’s Browning Lotion is the way to go. The lotion not only works to give you a golden tan, but also includes aloe to soothe potential sunburn.


Whether you’re on a fitness journey or just want to tone up a bit before the summer, this pair of leggings and a matching sports bra from American Eagle is a way to be comfortable while working out.

Resistance bands are also a great tool for getting in shape for the summer. Adding these to your workout routine can help deliver great results. A pack of three bands can be found at Target.

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