Prettiest Fake Flowers for Your Home

While real flowers are wonderful to have around your house, they do require time and maintenance to maintain. The alternative – faux florals – always look fresh and do not require constant attention. There are plenty of fake flowers out there that are available for you to display in your home – from big, centerpiece arrangements to pretty, individual stems. Not only are there plenty of options available, fake flowers now look much more realistic. If you’re looking for some beautiful, low-maintenance flowers, here are some great options to choose from.

Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Vase

This amazingly realistic bouquet of hydrangeas from Wayfair is the perfect addition to your home. Colorful, beautiful, and lively, this arrangement will give any space a refreshing and whimsical look. The bouquet contains 7 high-quality stem flowers in a clear glass vase. With their vibrant colors and festive feeling, this arrangement is sure to brighten up any space.

Lavender Brunch

There is a reason that lavender is such a beloved plant as it gives a great pop of color to any space. Rustic and timeless, these flowers from Target add an elegant feel to your home. They look beautiful in their kettle frame, which you can decorate with twine or burlap and because they are so versatile, they are sturdy enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Made of premium quality materials, these faux stems are incredibly lifelike in appearance.

Carnation Bundles

This bouquet is the perfect springtime arrangement to display in your home. With bright colors of pink, purple, and white and lots of lush curly leaves mixed in with the flowers, this option from World Market is an amazing choice to put out for display. Crafted by hand with high quality materials, this arrangement will last for years to come.

Dried Eucalyptus Bouquet

If you are looking for a lush green bouquet to either have on its own or add to a beautiful flower arrangement, this decorative touch from Anthropologie is a wonderful option. This bouquet is made from stems that are naturally grown and dried and preserved with glycerin, so you know it will last a lifetime.

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