Outdoor Workouts for Spring

The weather is beginning to get warm, and the flowers are starting to bloom! It is finally nice enough to enjoy the warm weather. Summer is right around the corner, so those spring workouts better be fun and productive. Here are some outdoor workouts ideal for this season, that you can do right here in Addison.

The Mile Run 

We all hated the mile run in school. But running a mile is actually one of the best workouts to get your heart rate up and relieve stress. It is best to run in the morning or the afternoon, as there is always a nice breeze and can be done right after or before work or school. Additionally, running reduces risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease and developing Alzheimer’s — running for even just 15 minutes every day can help! Find your favorite Addison trail, like the one in Celestial Park in Addison, and get going!

Relaxing Yoga 

Being completely physical may not be as fun, but yoga has the perfect balance between meditation and physical activity. Yoga includes breathing tactics in between poses for a relaxing but powerful workout. A start-up pose is the plank, which can help with lower back pain or shoulder injury. Another is the triangle pose, which helps stretch the whole body and it iss ideal for building strength. You can also sign up for Goat Yoga Addison, coming to Addison Circle next month. 

Condition with the Jump Rope 

Jump rope workouts include the full body, so it burns calories very quickly in the smallest amount of time. Jumping rope burns about 10 calories a minute. Workout outside with the jump rope, you can even do different things like skiing twice as fast, or crossing it. Jumping rope improves coordination, and heart health. Enjoy the good weather and jump some rope outside. 

Squats with Dumbbells 

Build up your lower body and core muscles with squads. They’re easy and help burn calories! They will tone your legs in no time, and work up your calves, hamstrings, butt and lower back. Climbing stairs and bending can even kind of count as squads and they workout in a similar way! Squads can be done anywhere, and they can easily be a full body workout by adding dumbbells. Do them out in the porch while enjoying the sun. 

Go Swimming

It’s almost swimming season! You can either swim laps in your apartment or backyard pool, or visit the Addison Athletic  Club to use their pool (for Addison residents only).

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