Celebrate Earth Day With an Environmental Education Exhibit at Galleria Dallas

Earth Day exhibit at Galleria Dallas. Credit: Galleria Dallas.

This Thursday, April 22, marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, and Galleria Dallas is recognizing this with a celebration! In conjunction with renewable energy retailer Octopus Energy US, the center presents a celebration of Earth Day 2021 in partnership with EarthX. It is designed to educate the public on the current environmental state of the planet, the effects of climate change on humanity and the power that individual people possess to make a positive and collective impact.

The exhibit will feature a large wall installation showcasing five different environmental focus areas — Sustain our Earth, Clean Water for All, Clean Energy for All, Clean Cities for All, and Find Climate solutions. The installation will also feature actions consumers can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Each area will feature QR codes leading to a companion website with supporting materials provided by Octopus Energy, EarthX, and additional resources.

After shifting in 2020 from an expo to virtual programming, EarthX will celebrate Earth Day through April 25 with environmental solutions-based conversations and original programming on EarthxTV. The EarthxFilm Festival will screen films both online and outdoors bringing the viewing experience back to the big screen.

“As a global leader in environmental conservation that is headquartered right here in Dallas, EarthX is proud to be able to share our work and our experiences with our fellow North Texans so our neighbors can learn more about the individual impact we each can make in creating a more sustainable world,” explains EarthX Chairman of the Board Lynn McBee in a recent press release. “We are excited to partner with Galleria Dallas and Octopus Energy in sharing our research in a new venue and with new audiences. We hope our guests will be inspired by what they learn and begin implementing some simple actions in their own lives that will go a long way in healing our planet.”

Art by Jessica Bell. Credit: Galleria Dallas.

In addition to the educational aspect at Galleria Dallas, Dallas-based artist Jessica Bell will present an inspirational art installation spanning a 16-foot storefront window at the shopping center, curated by Gossypion Investments and commissioned by Octopus Energy US.

The piece will focus on the everyday environmentalism that viewers can all participate in by reducing, reusing and recycling the materials in their lives. As a contemporary sculptor and ceramic artist, waste is a natural part of Bell’s creative process. Over the years, Bell has saved imperfect pieces, such as a cracked vase or stained fabric, instead of throwing them away. For this piece, Bell will use these forgotten and discarded artworks to make a colorful, eye-catching installation that will inspire viewers to consider what they can save from the landfill by finding a creative new use.

Jessica Bell is contemporary sculptor and socially engaged artist based in Dallas. Her work focuses on identity, race, environmentalism, and education. Additionally, Bell is the sculptor professor for Dallas’ acclaimed Booker T. Washington School of the Performing and Visual Arts.

The Earth Day celebration is just one part of the Galleria Dallas Green Initiative. Galleria Dallas is committed to maintaining a resourceful, impactful, and sustainable footprint in our community. According to the press release, Galleria Dallas believes “our actions big and small can greatly affect the world we live in.” The center’s Green Initiative involves making smart decisions that protect people and places. Galleria’s green practices are integrated into design and physical features that you can experience while visiting Galleria Dallas, from landscaping that uses Texas native plants that require less irrigation to property-wide recycling.

See the Earth Day exhibit from now through April 30 at Galleria Dallas, on level 1 near Apple.

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