Best Mascaras in the Corridor

Looking for the right mascara can be difficult when not knowing what your lashes need! Here are some of the best mascaras in the Corridor. 

Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara – Ulta $11.49

This Sensational Sky High Mascara lives up to its TikTok hype! Are you tired of your lashes never achieving the perfect height? This mascara will fix that. Sky High will give you extra volume and extend every single lash to maximum height. It’s ideal for everybody, even for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Best part? This mascara removes easily and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a ton of it to achieve perfect height. 

e.l.f Waterproof Lengthening & Volume Mascara – Target $4.00

Mascara can be simple and natural. The e.l.f Lengthening & Volume Mascara will make your lashes pop just enough for the perfect amount of volume. If you want to look natural, this mascara will become your #1 in a couple of hours. Even through water, sweat and tears it will stay in your lashes without smudging. Perfect for a pool day, or a hot sunny day. E.l.f is cruelty free. 

Better Than Sex Volumizing Mascara – Sephora $26.00

The best mascara to make a statement. The Better Than Sex mascara will curl, volume and lengthen your lashes with just one usage! Their film-forming polymer locks their curl in place and give you beautiful dramatic lashes. This mascara has won an Allure Best of Beauty. This mascara is vegan, and it’s made without any parabens. Who would’ve thought a mascara could be so perfect? With just a couple of coats, it’ll make a difference.

Diorshow Mascara – Dior in Nordstrom $29.50

A best-seller, the Diorshow Mascara promises a not dry-out look. Get fuller, more volumized lashes with this mascara! Their lash extension is guaranteed to work out on any lashes. Their air-lock wiper system will also keep the mascara in the tube as fresh as it was before it was opened! This mascara comes in different colors, pro black, pro blue and pro brown, so you can mash each and one of them to your favorite outfit! 

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