Tips to Fight High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition when the force of blood is too high against the artery walls. This can be identified when blood pressure is above 140/90, and is considered severe when is over 180/120. This condition affects over 3 million people and can be fought with keeping a good lifestyle, here are some tips to fighting high blood pressure. 

Eat Less Sodium 

Sodium can cause and make high blood pressure worse. That is why is important to keep high-sodium foods in check. This can be reduced by eating less salt, instead of sprinkling salt on your fries try to ask for less or no sodium. Buying less processed foods and making it your own is also another way to eat less salt in your foods. If it’s hard to make this change, try to opt for healthier options instead. 

Have a Healthy Diet 

Eating healthier foods like fruits, salads and vegetables helps to lower high blood pressure and keep it in check. Skipping on fatty foods for a while will also help your pressure as it can bring in less cholesterol and fat into your body. Opt for fruits as snacks instead of eating chips or bread. 


Maintaining a good diet and keeping foods in check aren’t the only things that help fight high blood pressure. Keeping an exercise routine can avoid your blood pressure to go higher. It can also avoid and keep hypertension in check. Walking at least 30 minutes a day helps fight off high blood pressure.

Reduce Caffeine 

This are not good news for coffee lovers. Although it has not been fully proven, there has been cases where caffeine increases blood pressure. There is many healthier options to drink or eat instead of coffee to have that boost almost everybody needs in the morning! Instead, try to drink matcha or green tea, they’re both healthier options to caffeine and still give you energy. Even a glass of water can help wake you up in the morning, make the change today.

Avoid Stress 

Stress can rise high blood pressure. This causes the body to crave alcohol, smoking or eating unhealthy foods. Although it is hard to know when you’re going to be stressed, try to reduce your workload, set deadlines for yourself and try avoiding people or situations that make you stressed. 

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