Men’s Spring Fashion Looks

Spring is here, which means you deserve a brand new wardrobe! Make sure to set some trends this spring season with these trendy outfit ideas. Here are the latest fashion trends for men  available in the Corridor.


Lighter colors are back in style. Lavender and light yellow are some of the most popular for spring. Pastel colors are always a must in the spring because they look great, and they’re also a representation of hope this year after the pandemic. Embrace the new spring season with your favorite warm pastel clothes. Buy your favorite shoes in a light yellow or your favorite hat in periwinkle blue.  This pink Rag & Bone hoodie from Neiman Marcus is a great option for a laidback look.

Cargo Pants 

Before the famous short shorts hit right before summer, cargo pants will take over before then! For example,  this Brunello Cucinelli pair from Neiman Marcus looks effortlessly stylish. Long pockets, long sleeve and warm fabric is what this 2021 spring fashion is all about. Not only are they totally comfy and stylish, but they also help you keep all your stuff like your wallet and keys in your pocket for a relaxed look. Match it with your favorite sneakers and long-sleeve shirt.

Bomber Jackets 

Back to the ’50s with one of our favorite and most wanted pieces of clothing this spring season: bomber jackets! After a sudden appearance in 2018, bomber jackets are here to stay. They can be found in almost any color and any style, fitted or even a bit oversized. Wear them with your favorite jeans and boots. They even work great layering them with weather under 50 degrees. Grab a neutral one, like this Topman option in khaki/olive from Nordstrom, to go with everything.

Oversized Clothes 

Tight clothing is so 2020! Clear path for oversized comfy clothes this upcoming spring. Oversized shirts and pants are the new norm after a whole year inside being comfy. Although oversized clothing may sound lazy, it is actually very appealing when styled nicely. Pull our your favorite pair of joggers (like this Vuori pair from Nordstrom), oversized shirt, and bucket hat for a stylish and fresh yet super comfortable look. 


When will stripes ever go out of style? The answer is never. Stripes look amazing in shirts, jeans and even shoes (see this Off-White pair from Neiman Marcus here)! Try to find your lightest striped-shirt with your favorite jeans and shoes for a super cute look! Striped clothing looks better when matched with the same solid color or colors that usually look good together. Don’t be afraid of pulling your red and white striped shirt with jeans and beige shoes. Set a new trend everyday at work!

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