Enjoy Your Lunch Break In Addison

Enjoy Your Lunch Break In Addison
Enjoy your lunch break and get some fresh air at one of Addison’s parks.

Not to beat a dead horse, but we can all agree the last 12 months have been completely exhausting right? It seems like we can’t catch our breath long enough before we have something else happen that causes more stress and anxiety. It seems like it’s so hard to just get a few minutes of downtime, just enough to have some peace and quiet.

One of the things that I have been trying in order to step away from all the chaos is to pick up my lunch and sit at a park, and if there aren’t any tables or benches, I’ll simply sit in my car and catch up on a podcast or watch some stand-up comedy. It’s been so good. On sunny days I feel completely recharged and ready to take on the rest of the day.

In Addison, we have lots of beautiful parks to enjoy as well as restaurants with some pretty amazing patios where we can sit and enjoy our lunch break and actually feel like we’re taking a break.

For example, hang out at Addison Circle Park. Beautiful scenery, lots of sitting areas, architectural fountains, restrooms, dedicated parking, amazing restaurants nearby like Antonio Ristorante, Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar, Addison Sushi 469, and Latin Deli Addison. Whether you have 30 minutes or an hour, head to Addison Circle Park and relax and catch some needed fresh air.

Speaking of restaurants, Antonio Ristorante has a beautiful patio where you can sit and enjoy an amazing lunch. Whether you want pasta, seafood, or pizza, Antonio’s patio is a beautiful setting for a nice, relaxed lunch.

When you walk into Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse, it feels like you are stepping into a vacation spot. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is friendly and the food is so good! Gumbo that will have you licking the bowl, fresh grilled fish, steaks, and so many more Cajun dishes! Sit out on the patio and catch your breath after a hard morning at work. Trust me, the food here is going to make you feel so good you may not want to leave.

Vitruvian Park is another beautiful location to take a break. Whether you bring your food and sit over by the spring-fed creek and hang out, or step into Addison Ice House and sit out on the patio and enjoy a drink and some wings, this is a great spot to spend time at. There is plenty of parking on-site and if you like walking, this is a great park to get in your steps.

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