Help Addison with Safe Egret and Heron Control

Little Blue Heron. Credit: Town of Addison.

Wild birds are beautiful to look at and admire; however, they can sometimes threaten public safety if certain measures aren’t taken. That’s why the Town of Addison Parks and Recreation Department is asking residents to help deter egrets and herons from forming nesting colonies (called rookeries) in Addison. Urban rookeries, according to the Town, can cause noise, public health hazards and damage to property.

In a Town of Addison Facebook post, they listed three ways to help with safe egret and heron control:

  • Heavily thin out the interior branches of your trees so they have 75% density or less. If possible, prune trees so they do not touch other trees. January and February is an ideal time to prune trees.

    Snowy Egret. Credit: Town of Addison.
  • Familiarize yourself with what egret and herons native to our area look like.
  • If an egret or heron is beginning to build a nest, in some cases, the Parks Department can deter the birds or remove the nest if eggs have not been laid. To notify the Addison Parks Department if you think you have seen an egret or heron beginning to build a nest, email Matt Ansted at and provide the location, a description of the bird, and a photo if possible. You can also report sights on Addison’s FixIt app.

Please keep in mind that herons and egrets are protected under the Migratory Bird Act, so please don’t harm them, their nests, eggs or hatchlings.

Thanks for doing your part in keeping our town and its birds safe!


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