Celebrate National Pizza Day Feb. 9

One of our country’s most important food days is coming up shortly. National Pizza Day is Feb. 9, and when I write the words “I am excited!” I hope you can understand how happy and excited I am for this day. Listen, pizza is one of those foods that can unite, bring joy, help heal a broken heart, and so much more than just feed someone. So how and where should you celebrate this special day? I am so glad you asked.

For your consideration, I give you the following list.

Let’s start with Zoli’s Pizza. New York-style pizza that comes in 14” round pies or 12” by 12” square pies. With pizzas like the Christian Pescroni (personal favorite), NY White, or Lady Marmalade, Zoli’s is not playing. All of their pizzas are packed with flavor, care, and love for the fine art of making pizza. They are open for dining with limited seating or pick up your pie curbside or have it delivered.

Ok, up next is one of Addison’s newest spots, Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar. Featuring dough that is naturally leavened with a proprietary starter they have named “Romo.” They use fresh ingredients and cook their pies in twin Italian ovens for a taste that is unique and oh so good! Their dining room, bar area, and patio are perfect to enjoy one of their delicious pizzas with a cold drink. Try the Salami pizza, which is made with calabrese salami, house fennel sausage, Biellese pepperoni, bacon, Calabrian chili oil, organic tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella.

Where can you get the best Chicago style pizza outside of the ‘Windy City’? The answer is right here in Addison at Taste of Chicago. Make sure to give them a little bit of time when you order your deep dish as it takes a bit more to cook than a regular crust pizza. But make no mistake, it is worth the wait. Sizes come in small, medium, or large and you can choose your toppings or choose from one of their specialty pizzas. Personally, the Chicago Classic Pizza is my go-to although the Meat Lovers Pizza is a very close second.

Coal Vines on Beltline and Prestonwood serves up thin-crust New York-style pizzas. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, order the White Special which is a hand-tossed crust covered with warm mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, sliced red tomato, and fresh garlic. Their Meat Lovers is also amazing and loaded with crispy bacon, pepperoni, sliced beef, Italian sausage, and pork meatballs. Sit at the bar or out on the patio and enjoy your pizza with a glass of wine.

No matter where you choose to celebrate or whether you dine in or pick up your pies curbside, celebrate this delicious holiday with the rest of us foodies in Addison.

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